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Zumba Sentao

Sentao grew from the Spanish verb ‘sentar’ – to sit. Accordingly, Zumba Sentao is a chair-based choreography that strengthens, balances and stabilizes your core, sculpts muscles, steps up cardio work and torches calories by transforming a chair into a dance partner. Students learn to use a chair and their own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve definition and endurance, and tone their physique! More than that, currently there are only a few hundreds of Zumba Sentao instructors worldwide!

Zumba Sentao mixes strength and resistance exercises with cool dance moves on and around the chair while you are having fun listening to popular music. You can lose weight in a fun and easy way, with the extra bonus of a mega calorie burning strength workout.

Zumba Sentao class provides you with the opportunity of a super effective workout for your core muscles, your ‘abs’ and mid-section. When you sit on the chair and lift your knees up, feet off the ground – you activate your lower abdominals. Normally this kind of exercise is very hard for most people to do while lying on the ground (the dreaded V-sit or bicycle exercise). It is much easier to do in a chair and very effective.

Sentao is also very functional. This means it is a great workout for everyday life and movement. How many times a day do you sit and stand? Do you need a good balance and posture to get through your day without aches and pains?

Because Zumba Sentao is based around a chair, it will be a great class for those who look at a regular Zumba class and think ´´I could never do that! ´´. The addition of a chair makes the exercises more comfortable and achievable for the beginner exerciser.

Give it a try and be surprised and energized!