Latin Salsa Club

Zumba Step

Perfect for those who wants to feel the burning of calories and lower body workout! More than that, it is the best way towards beautiful legs to be proud of, as it strengthens and tones your legs and glutes.

Zumba Step combines step aerobics cardio workout with zumba fitness fun leg & core sculpting moves in the rhythms of Latin music and worldwide popular radio hits. Due to the gravity-defying blend and necessity to use more energy to lift your body weight against the step, while keeping up with the beat of the easy dance moves – is the most intensive and effective training for your legs and glutes!

Zumba fans can be sure to expect a variety of traditional fitness, dance step aerobics’ moves for a significant interval workout. The biggest benefit is extreme body sculpting, focusing on the lower-body. You can expect to achieve visible and amazing results faster than with another training program, while in the same time feeling the burn in the target areas, such as the glutes, thighs and legs.

Enjoy stepping up to the challenge!