Latin Salsa Club

Aqua Zumba

Perfect for all ages, and those who are looking for a low-impact cardio workout, and high-energy aquatic exercise in their fitness routine. Despite the colder days outside – it is always hot in the pool! Exercises are oriented towards both upper and lower body. Accordingly, due to the natural resistance of the water, every step is more challenging and helps to tone and strengthen your core muscles. Aqua Zumba combines some of the traditional elements of aqua fitness classes with the upbeat, Latin-infused dance moves and famous music!

Aqua Zumba is suitable for total beginners in the fitness area and Zumba fitness enthusiasts at the same time! Moves and footwork performed at a slower tempo (“aqua tempo”) than on land, leads to the fact that you don’t have to be a dancer to be able to follow the choreographies successfully.

Try a new way to train your body already today!

Join the “pool party” and have fun in “aqua tempo”!