Latin Salsa Club

Schedule & prices


7PM-9PM Salsa for beginners

9PM-10PM Social Dancing


7PM-8PM Salsa for beginners

8 PM – 9PM Bachata for all

9PM-12PM Social Dancing


7PM-8PM Salsa for beginners

8 PM – 9PM Sensual Bachata for beginners

9PM-12PM Social Dancing



Drop-in class – 50 DKK (The price includes social dancing)*

* 2 drop-in classes in the same day with a discount price – 80 DKK (The price includes social dancing)

Social dancing after classes – 40 DKK

It is also possible to buy a clipper card for 10 times that is valid for 6 months. You can choose between:

  • 2 lessons the same day + social dancing – 600 DKK
  • 1 lesson + social dancing – 400 DKK
  • Social dancing – 300 DKK

In addition, if you would like to surprise someone with a wonderful and fun experience, you can buy a gift card for the Latin Salsa Club!

It is not possible to change money when you but tickets. Dancers are welcome to buy the ticket with cash but we are not allowed to give the rest back. It is also possible to pay with mobilepay.