Bachabachatajpeg(1)-page-001ta is a beautifully sensual partner dance, originated in the countryside of the Dominican Republic that grew out of pan Latin-American romantic style – bolero. It gained worldwide popularity due to its’ heartbreaking tales, romance & sadness in the music & lyrics. Over time it gained influence from merengue and a variety of Latin American guitar styles.

Usually, music is slower and simpler than salsa, however, that does not exclude possibility for a broad variety of dance patterns, turns and combinations.

To join the class – no previous dance experience necessary! We are focusing on the different Bachata styles, such as Sensual & Moderna. New partner-work combinations will be introduced each week with a focus on body rhythm, styling and execution.

The content of the class may differ depending on the students’ levels & needs, but the generally covered topics include:

  • Introduction to Bachata steps: basic step, front and back step, side steps, openings and couple hold;
  • The skillful aspects of body movement in Bachata: hip movements for ladies and shoulder exercises for men;
  • Introduction to Bachata turns: right turn, left turn for ladies and men, variations of lead for the turns, half turns, one and a half, double turns & multiple turns;
  • Focus on footwork, rhythm, timing, musicality & execution;
  • Leading & following techniques;
  • Partner work combinations;
  • Ladies & Men’s styling.

Students can also expect the following:

  • Fun and positive attitude & sociable environment;
  • Stress relief;
  • Clear, easy to follow instruction;
  • Meet tons of new people.

Notice: you don’t need to bring a partner to show up at our classes!

After the classes there is social dancing, where we play a rich selection of different genres like salsa, bachata, forró, merengue, zouk, reggaeton, etc. which gives you plenty of opportunities to practice and develop the newly learned steps.

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