Learn to dance or improve your Body movement technique
Dancing is one of the best ways to relieve stress and bring happiness to your life. We offer Reggaeton classes that are full of fun along with great technique.
The Cuban reggaeton appeared few years after its origins in Puerto Rico. It evolved from the ragamuffin, a type of electronic music which was created from the fusion of reggae and hip hop. The first reggaeton artists achieving great fame and reaching an international public was Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Nicky Jam, Calle 13, Plan B among others. The Cuban variant is more marked by Caribbean rhythms such as Soca, calypso kin and dance hall.

What you will learn
• Reggaeton steps
• Timing (listen to the beat)
• Improvisation technique
• Dance space awarenes
• Use of hips, waist, chest, shoulders & arms
• Routine to learn and tips on how to apply these steps while social dancing ….and Much More
Why dance with us?
Get it right from the beginning!
We focus on posture, technique, musicality and more. Classes are designed to help you work on posture, technique, connection, musicality and eventually exciting moves to make your dance more versatile, fluid and enjoyable. Lots of tips, movements are breakdown into detail.

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